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Strible Fam Seeks Adventure


Hi, thanks for dropping by!

I'm Kristine from Buffalo, New York. I am a follower of God, wife, mom of three, educator, two Goldendoodles Remy & Ruger and of course, a travel addict! My husband, Jon, and I have been married 10 years. I didn't become a traveler until my twenties and have loved travel since especially with our children. I have roped my husband Jon in and now we are addicted. :) We have 2 girls, Morgan (21 years) and Maris (9 years) and one son Theo (6 years) who we take along with us. Most of our travel has been domestic and focused on family travel with kids. However, we have traveled to Europe, South America, and most of the Caribbean. We love to travel with our kids and I love sharing great tips that will allow others to not think or feel so overwhelmed with kids in tow. The longer you do  it, the easier it becomes. In this blog, I hope to share the places we've been, experiences we have encountered, and tricks and tips to make it easier and more enjoyable traveling as a family together!

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