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Fun* Family* Connection

When we started traveling, we never thought that so many people would be interested in where we were going, what we were planning and eager to see all that we were doing.

10 years later we have seen so many places together as a couple, with our children, and our family and friends. But...we have A LOT more to see in this big and beautiful world. Our trips are based off a friendly budget that is filled with experiences each place we go. Through the good and bad, we have learned to just keep going, let it go, and don't major in the minor...just have FUN! We love culture as a family and are always seeking to connect and learn from the people we meet and the places we visit.


We are always planning and looking for fun things to do as family and we want to encourage other families to do the same. Research shows, that on average we only have fifteen summers with our kids before jobs and college take over and it gets too messy with all the different schedules. Make time NOW so you won't look back and wish you did it sooner! 


I never traveled as a child. I was raised in a single parent household where working to make ends meet was the priority. I never left my state until I was 20 years old which was then my first plane ride too! Teaching my children about cultures and the world of opportunity is important to us and we want to share the love for travel and experiences with them any chance we can.


Seeing so much around us makes us love and value each person, culture, personality and place. In our blessing of being able to travel, we want to share the love of Jesus and love on people and connect to seek and understand each step of the way, all while learning more about who we are and how we can be better each day to make and preserve the future.


In this blog, we hope to share the places we've been, experiences we have encountered, and tricks and. tips to make it easier and more enjoyable traveling as a family together!

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