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Green Lakes: Syracuse, New York

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

We spent our weekend camping at Green Lakes State Park! Must do if you are in the area! Located in Fayetteville,NY right outside of Syracuse! We booked our site in December! Spots fill up fast. If you aren’t a tent person, they have cabins too! 🏕️

Must do Activities:

•Visit the lake within the park and hike the perimeter. About 1.9 miles around. Every view around the lake is beautiful. This lake is the larger of the two lakes in Green Lakes State Park. The lake is meromictic, which means no seasonal mixing of surface and bottom waters occurs. Meromictic lakes are fairly rare; they have been extensively studied, in part because their sediments can preserve and the lack of oxygen in part of the three layers! Water is crystal clear! Only 36 in the entire world! 🌎

•We rented clear kayaks (you can’t bring your own) to explore the water and area. Get in line early because they book fast. 🛶

•Take time to stay at the beach if you are here in the summer! ⛱️ It is well groomed, lifeguards on duty, clean restrooms and a snack shack available with plenty of seating.

•Amazing playground on site for toddler to about 12 years old. Final completion is underway! 🛝

•The Wild Animal Park is a must do with or without kids! Great sanctuary for all different animals you do not typically see elsewhere: kangaroos, warthogs, hippos, feeding of

giraffes, petting zoo, monkeys, porcupines, panthers and so many more!🐆 🐒🦍🦛🦒

•Take some time to visit Chittenango Falls State Park to catch the beautiful waterfalls! About 15 minutes from Green Lake!

•Museum of Science & Technology - MOST is a must do with kids! A great morning of fun and exploration! Great science partnerships and so much to do that is hands on. 🔭⚗️🔬🧬

•Harriet Tubman Museum is must do and stop in Auburn if you are into visiting National Historical parks. My middle daughter has learned a lot about her and was so excited to visit here on our last trip.

Places to Eat:

We typically do all our meals at the tent site. However, we did sneak out for some breakfast and a dinner! We went to Syracuse earlier this year as a stop through, so our go to places include:

•Mother’s cupboard-hole in the wall, cash only! That explains it! 🍳

•Dinosaur BBQ-awesome food! The original is wayyy better than the others 🦖

•Nice Biscuit for authentic homemade biscuit combos and sandwiches 🤤

•SkyTop Coffee Company for a great morning cup of Joe and is close to the campground ☕️

There is so much to do in this area! We could have stayed longer, but because we are about 2.5 hours away we are able to visit more often and it was a great weekend trip to get our 2/7 camping trips in this year! ✌🏻🤍✈️


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