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Hershey & Lancaster, PA

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Summer. Sunshine. Fun. Family.

What more could you ask for a summer getaway? We headed out from Buffalo down for a quick two day stop in Hershey, PA. Our first day we explored Hershey World-Step inside a sweet experience for your senses, where there’s chocolate in the air and dessert is always on the menu. Sip milkshakes, become a chocolatier, be a kid in a candy store ... all at HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE WORLD Attraction! Our favorite activities were to do the Chocolate Tour, Create Your Own Chocolate Bar and enjoyed the Trolley Tour which you learn the history of Hershey himself and the town. This tour was 3.5 hours and needed to be all done in one day. It included four experiences that were all timed from each other. The cost per ticket was $73.50. You could also add the option to add a meal.

Then we spent the day in Hershey Amusement Park. It was SO busy. I would recommend checking the schedule for the area before booking the amusement park tickets. The rides were incredible and we really enjoyed the waterpark area. A day would have been enough, but there was a soccer tournament planned, and two concerts the weekend we there. We could have used two days for the full experience. The lines were long, we waited for everything, and only made it on two rollercoasters the entire day. They even ran out of food at one point. When we went to go somewhere in the town, the restaurants were also out of food or extreme waits for a table due to the demand.

Places to Eat:

Some places that were highly recommended to us were:

-Fennicci's of Hershey-italian and pizza

-The Hershey Pantry-Great breakfast and lunch spot! Our favorite was the Pantry Club sandwich!

-Whisk Cafe-incredible for breakfast or brunch and amazing coffee! They also were dog friendly and had a great outdoor patio!

Places to Stay:

We love the outdoors! I hope you got this from all of our previous trips, highlights and reels on Instagram and Facebook (Strible Fam Seeks Adventure) we decided to stay at a KOA...also our favorite for cabins. KOA was located in Elizabethtown which is about 20-25 minutes from Hershey. The cabins were great, they had a pool for the kids to swim, and even did breakfast in the morning. This doesn't usually take place at other KOA's we visited. There were a ton of activities that were planned for the kids as well. Highly recommend!

Things to Do:

After our stay in Hershey, we were headed to Bethany Beach, Delaware! It was only a 3.5 hour drive. On our way down we made an afternoon in Lancaster, PA which is 38 minutes from Hershey. This entire community is created and run by the Amish. We booked an excursion at The Amish Farm and House. We got to experience the life of the Amish in a house and their farm with activities to enjoy like the Amish children do. We hopped on a bus and got a tour of the town, stopped at an Amish Market and learned about the history and life of the Amish. Afterwards we went to an Amish restaurant that was incredible-Amo's Place! The best sandwiches ever! They also sell meats, cheese, pastries and other local staple foods. Great experience to stop at even if you aren't hungry. Amos' was part of Kitchen Kettle Village that had a bunch of shops, diners, experiences and activities for the entire family. If you have time or are staying a few days, stop at Sight and Sound Theatre to experience their shows and explore more of what the area has to offer.

When we visit the area again we have a few things we would like to catch:

There's no shortage of unique and exciting things to do in Lancaster, no matter why you choose to travel. Whether you're thinking of visiting Lancaster for an authentic PA Amish experience, to shop until you drop, for exploring the vibrant downtown, to enjoy great outdoor activities, or for sharing memories with the whole family... Lancaster County, Pennsylvania has something for you.



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